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How To 38 weeks and 3 cm dilated: 6 Strategies That Work

Following. 40+6, 4cm & 80% today and just got my 2nd sweep. Think I had some bloody show just now. Irregular contractions x2 days. As for mucus plug, pretty sure I've been losing it over the last week. Thought I lost it last week (after 1st sweep), but pretty sure it regenerated and I lost it again.Dilated 3 cm and still no labor!! Just wondering if anyone else out there has been in the same boat as me. I am 37 weeks and 4 days and I am 3cm dilated and 75 percent thin, and have been this way for a week. I was there 3 weeks. My neighbor was holding steady @ 6 cm for a week. Take stairs 2@ a time. Sex. Castor oil.If the eyes are the window to the soul, being able to manipulate how your eyes appear to others is a rather tricky lifehack. Over at WikiHow they have a tutorial on methods of trai...I believe I was 2 or 2.5 cm when I had the sweep done. I had mine around 38 weeks- I was already 2cm dilated and my waters were bulging. The sweep gave me light contractions all weekend, then my water broke a few days later. I had 2 sweets at 38 weeks and gave birth at 38+3. I had one that early last time with my son.Posted 03-17-09. I'm about 38 weeks and 2 days today (due March 30) and had another Dr. appt today..still not dilated or effaced at all! Dr. said I'm still essentially closed, but cervix may be a ...With my 2nd I was 3 cm and about 60% effaced at 36 weeks. Stayed that way until I was induced at 38 weeks 3 days. That morning I had changed to 4cm and about 80% effaced.Like. t. most people seem to report having active labor start within a week of losing their plug, that's probably where that's coming from! I lost mine last weekend and at my Wednesday appointment I was 2-3cm dilated and 50% effaced. Sounds like my doc expects in the next 1-2 weeks as well but could be any day!As labor progresses, so will cervical dilation, from 1 cm, roughly the size of a blueberry, to 10 cm, the size of a bagel. Latent Labor (The first stage of labor is 1- 9 cm dilated) Active Labor (The second stage of labor is 10 cm dilated) Placenta Delivery (The third and final stage of labor) Failure to Progress in LaborIn May 2024 Babies. My perfect little human being decided to come early at 37 weeks. After being in labor 32 hours we had to get a C section as the risks were becoming greater. I fully ruptured my waters at 2:45 Thursday morning. After 32 hours I wasn't contracting... In June 2024 Babies.Yes, and ended being induced. same. Reply. seansgirl2006 member. July 2009. I was only 1 1/2 at 39 weeks and did not have to be induced. I went to my 39 wk appt in the morning and was 50% effaced. Went in to labor a few hours, stayed at home, checked in to hospital that night and was still 1 1/2 but 90% effaced.Hi J., Congrats on your second blessing. I actually had preterm labor with my second and was dialated 1.5 cm at 31 weeks. I made it all the way to 39 weeks (on modif... With my 6 year old, I was 3cm and 100% effaced for 2 weeks or more before I went into labor. With my 12mo old, I was 4.5cm and 70% effaced for 3 weeks prior.Try not to worry, you can not be dilated and go into labor the next day or you can walk around 2-3 cm dilated for weeks. Mine was closed until ...38 weeks 4 days 3cm dilated . s. Shep2015. Posted 09-02-15. Had my OB app at 4:30pm today and had internal I am currently 2/5 engaged and 3 cm dilated 3rd baby for me. He did a stretch and sweep I've had contractions since that but who knows they might just stop as I have a irritable uterus at the best of times, hoping to go into labour tonight ...Insert your index and middle finger. Push your fingers deep inside as far as you can to reach your cervix. Be as gentle as possible to prevent bruising or complications. Assess dilation. You're ...37 weeks and 3cm dilated. Just got done with my 37 week apt. At 36 weeks i was 1 cm and 60% effaced, but this week i am 3 cm! Ive had soooo much pain and pressure in the last week and im so relieved to know it was at least making me progress. Now I KNOW many of you will say 'i know a girl who walked around for a month at 3cm, it means nothing ...38 weeks and 2 cm dilated. v. veligee. Jan 29, 2024 at 5:13 PM. FTM here and just had an appointment today. I was told I’m about 2 cm dilated and 40% effaced. In your past pregnancies, how fast did you fully dilate once you started? I’m wondering if I’ll even make it to 40 weeks or if this means baby will come a lot sooner .ylopez87 member. June 2011. this is the same thing that happened to me so far my contractions have been about 6-7 min apart for the past 2 hours! I lost my Mucus plug about 5 hours ago and yesterday the Dr told me I was 80% effaced and 3cm dilated. DH and I are getting ready just in case the contractions get stronger.In January 2023 Babies. My little girl Brooklyn arrived early. Went in for 38 week check on 1/19 actually 38 weeks and 4 days) and was 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. My appt was at 9:40am. I ran errands afterwards and started to have period like cramping but manageable....Pregnancy. Labor & Delivery. The Meaning of Cervical Dilation and Signs You're Dilating. What does it mean for your cervix to dilate and efface, and can you tell it's happening? We break...0. May 7, 2013. #6. At 35 I was 3cm, 50% effaced, at 36wk I was the same and at 37 I was 3-4cm and 70%. Don't worry about your dilation. Just keep your feet up and relax.As the title says, I'm 38 weeks today, and measured at 1cm dilated 50% effaced. 1 week ago, I measured at 1cm dilated 0% effaced. I have been having lots of mild cramping and white discharge, with Braxton Hicks starting to ramp up the last couple of days. ... I was 2-3 cm and over 70% for about 2 weeks before my induction at 39+6.Apr 3, 2018 · Hey ladies,Just had my 38 week appointment and doctor said I am 1 cm dilated but my cervix is still thick. He says I won’t go into labour anytime soon but the head is very low. He wasn’t able to do the sweep like we had talked about. I’m discouraged.... 1. 4. 3. 2. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like A 15-year-old client is 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced and is in active labor with her first baby. The nurse contacts the physician to communicate the findings of fetal heart rate decelerations, thick meconium in the amniotic fluid, and low fetal scalp pH results.38 weeks. Dilated 1.5 cm and 50% effaced.At 37 weeks I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.Very little progress so a bit disappointed… I didn’t ask for a membrane sweep bc I want the baby to come when he’s ready… but I’m getting impatient. Obviously policy varies hospital to hospital, but I came in to my 39 week checkup with my firstborn at 4 cm and 80% effaced, so they sent me to the hospital, broke my water, and my son was born 10 ... Re: 3.5 cm dilated, 60% effaced and being induced. sweet*18 member. February 2014. I was 2 cm and 80% effaced when I was 40 weeks 1 day. I was induced at 41 weeks 1 day. My other two came early and water broke on its own with them. When I arrived to be induced, I was 3 cm and 85% effaced. They broke my water and slowly upped the pitocin.Father's day is celebrated on June 19th each year. Celebrate the day by sending one of these fantastic father's day messages. This Father’s Day, why not take a break from the tradi...I was induced for medical reasons starting at 1am at 38+1. I was 0cm, not soft, nada, no movement whatsoever toward baby eviction. My body overreacted to the cytotec and cervadil so I got my epidural at 0cm around 2pm due to intense pain making cervical checks impossible. Baby was born at 4pm on 38+2. It took forever.Because from experience, heading into the hospital at 6 centimeters dilated with contractions two minutes apart and then giving birth three hours later without needing an induction is infinitely preferable to walking into a scheduled induction at less than 3 centimeters dilated with zero contractions and giving birth 19 hours later. 2 cm dilated and 50 to 60% effaced. Having 2 centimeters of cervical dilation and between 50 to 60 percent effacement can be experienced about the 38 th week of your pregnancy. You will still be a little far from delivery given that, for labor to occur, you must have 10 centimeters of dilation and 100 percent effacement. A membrane sweep is when your healthcare provider sweeps a gloved finger across the membranes that connect the amniotic sac (a fluid-filled sac that contains the fetus) to the wall of your uterus. This separation of the amniotic membranes from your uterus can speed up labor in pregnant people. Membrane sweeps help your body release chemicals ...Unpredictable: you may go into labor any time from now to being overdue. Created for people with ongoing healthcare needs but benefits everyone. No exact equation: You have 7 more cm to dilate fully and another 50% effacement to be fully effaced. There is no formula as to exactly how long this will take in each i...Apr 3, 2018 · Hey ladies,Just had my 38 week appointment and doctor said I am 1 cm dilated but my cervix is still thick. He says I won’t go into labour anytime soon but the head is very low. He wasn’t able to do the sweep like we had talked about. I’m discouraged.... raysn16. June 2011. I was 3 - 4 cm dilated with both DS1 and DS2 for a couple of weeks - started dilating around 35 weeks with both of those pregnancies. I have been 1 - 2 cm since about 33 weeks with this little guy. Delivered the first 2 right around 39w... No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml.Father's day is celebrated on June 19th each year. Celebrate the day by sending one of these fantastic father's day messages. This Father’s Day, why not take a break from the tradi...Feb 22, 2011 at 3:09 PM. I wasn't dilated or effaced at 36 weeks and now at 38 weeks I'm only 1 cm dilated. : (. I know they say that it this doesn't tell you much because you can be 3 cm for weeks or go from 0 to 3 in a few hours but I can't help but feel like my progress is very slow. I was really hoping that this baby would come a little ...I feel ya. 38 weeks today with number 3. I am 4 cm and 60%, had sweep yesterday and baby girl is sill not interested in coming out. My other two were born 36.6 and 38.3, so I'm ready. I think having previous two early puts me in mindset she should be early too, which I know is not always the case. Like.t. tia121240. Almost same situation as you here.. I was 2 cm/0% effaced at 38 week appt. One week later (39 weeks), 4 cm dilated/70% effaced. Baby's head has been at zero station for about a month. I had thinner muscous-y discharge about the last 3 weeks or so, a little each day and have been wearing maxi pads.mrs.t.hough. Posted 03-31-13. I apologize in advance for 'another one of those posts...'. I went in Friday for my 38 week check. My mw checked me and said I was 2-3 cm dilated, 80% effaced and ...DCMoore1. Nov 14, 2017 at 4:12 PM. I went in yesterday, will be 36 weeks officially tomorrow, I am 75% effaced and 1 cm dilated, the baby has dropped and he said her head was right on my cervix. My whole family seems shocked and like I will go into labor before my due date. So I am Curious what others were at this time during previous pregnancies.38% of remote workers routinely work from their bed. And while working from bed might have its benefits, the disadvantages far outweigh them. * Required Field Your Name: * Your E-M...View full document. The 38-week gestational client who is 100% effaced and 10 cm dilated 4) The 39-week gestational client who has early decelerations on the fetal monitor. 3 ) The 38 - week gestational client who is 100 % effaced and 10 cm dilated. 6. Which task should the RN postpartum nurse delegate to the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP ...As labor begins, the cervix starts to soften, shorten and thin (efface). You might feel mild, irregular contractions or nothing at all. Effacement is often expressed in percentages. At 0% effacement, the cervix is at least 2 centimeters long, or very thick. Your cervix must be 100% effaced, or completely thinned out, before a vaginal delivery.Membrane sweep and 3 cm dilated. l. Lwalters24. Posted 02-07-19. ... With my first I had it done at 38 weeks was 3cm dilated my water broke 45 minutes later and I had my baby boy 15 hours after that. I've heard if it's goinb to work it will work in the first 24 hours. ...You can walk around with dilation of four or even five centimeters, but without regular contractions, you're not in labor. But don't worry. Whether you dilate a little, a lot, or not at all, baby ...So I had a Dr. appt today (37 weeks 6 days) and I was 1 Cm dilated and 25% effaced!! I was estatic. Does this mean I have a better chance of not going…A primigravid client at 38 weeks is 7 cm dilated, and the presenting part is at +1 station. The client tells the nurse, I need to push!, What should the nurse do next? 1. use the McDonald procedure to widen the pelvic opening 2. increase the rate of O2 and IV fluids 3. instruct the client to use a pant-blow pattern of breathing 4. Tell the ...Was still 3 cm at 39 week appointment. Got another membrane sweep, had mild contractions that fizzled out within a day. Still 3 cm at my 40 week appointment. Got another membrane sweep. Lost my mucus plug that night but then nothing. Ended up getting induced at 41 weeks. Was still 3 cm when the induction started but progressed …Oct 23, 2010 at 1:06 PM. I havent paid too much attention to the whole dilation/effacement thing before labor. But from what i remember most of the women were 3cm dilated max. I got checked on thursday for the first time and i was 3cm and 100% effaced, doc stripped my membranes and while doing that stretched me to a 4, she thought i would go ...38 weeks pregnant 1 cm dilated. A 38-year-old member asked: What to do if i am 38 weeks pregnant 1 cm dilated if i take castor oil will i go into labor? Dr. Deirdre Habermehl answered. 38 years experience. Please reconsider: Castor oil is really not a way to get into labor and the GI cramps may be worse than labor. Talk with your physician ...Jan 20, 2016 at 8:04 PM. With my first I was dilated 3.5 when I checked into the hospital and In labor. Having contractions 3-5 mins apart. Definitely going to be soon for you I'd say :) Like. k. kittycx. Jan 20, 2016 at 8:50 PM.I wasn't dilated or effaced at 36 weeks and now at 38 weeks I'm only 1 cm dilated. :(I know they say that it this doesn't tell you much because you can be 3 cm for weeks or go from 0 to 3 in a few hours but I can't help but feel like my progress is very slow. I was really hoping that this baby would...Jun 12, 2018 at 8:32 AM. Currently 38 weeks and 1 day and 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I know you can be dilated for a long time with no contractions (I was 2 cm at 36 weeks). I’ve had some mild cramping and tightening over the last couple weeks but nothing very painful and mostly irregular. Wondering at how many centimeters dilated were you ...Jan 21, 2015 at 8:22 AM. Just left my 38 week appointment and got checked for the first time. Doc said I am 2cm dialated, 80% effaced, and said he could feel the baby's head. I'm 38+2 weeks and lost my mucus plug on Monday after a full day of walking at Disney on Sunday so my ob said go to Disney again and baby might be here a lot sooner than I ... Dr. Robert Grindstaff answered. Addiction Medicine 4Posted 03-17-09. I'm about 38 weeks and 2 days today (due March 3 N. NicoleLynn27. Feb 23, 2015 at 4:28 PM. I started to dilate when I was 28 weeks, I was 1cm and 20% effaced, I was sent to the hospital 40 mins away from my house and away from my 10year old. I was there from Sunday till Wednesday getting the "stop labor" meds and the steroids for the babies lungs.. CASE: A 23-year old G1P0 woman at 38 weeks Re: 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. MrsYam member. January 2011. It's really anyone's guess. It could be this week, next week or past your due date. The good news is the more your progress before actual labor, the less time you have to wait around to have a baby when its actually time. Report Reply. tklangel. 3cm dilated 38 weeks. b. Babyboyhunter04. Posted 06-20-16....

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Looks like this time is the same, been 3cm since 38weeks, now 39+4, Im sure I'll go overdue again. Everyone is different, so...


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Jun 25, 2020 · Although the cervix needs to dilate at least 10 centimeters for a vaginal deliv...


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Doctor wouldn’t do a membrane sweep til 39 weeks so she scheduled me for next Thursday.Last pregnancy I was 2 cm d...


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I was 2.4 cm dilated then. Now I am 3 cm dilated and 50%. I am 38 weeks. I have been 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks now. I don't think have...


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Was not even 1cm dilated at my 38 weeks appointment and went into natural labor at 39 and 2. I used my breast...

Want to understand the Aug 14, 2015 at 11:38 AM. I was 3cm and 80% effaced and "super, super soft" at 38 weeks. My doctor t?
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